Micello Maps: Your Go-To Holiday Shopping App

Micello’s Android/iPhone application was featured in an article by Patrick May in this morning’s San Jose Mercury as a great app for shoppers during the holiday season. Micello Maps currently holds over 2000 maps throughout the country, with many more on the way. Search for products, navigate and find your way around confusing shopping malls, using our intuitive and clutter-free interactive maps. From the article:

“Ankit Agarwal, CEO of Sunnyvale-based Micello, says his app does for the inside of shopping centers what Google maps has done for the world outside. It’s fairly simple — sort of an interactive map that allows you to locate products inside a mall and then get walking directions to your destination. It’s easy to use, with a clean interface that removes much of the aggravation shoppers experience as they navigate through the increasingly cluttered realm of the modern shopping center.

‘You’re essentially carrying the mall directory in your pocket,’ says Agarwal.”

Read the full story.


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