Shouldering the Indoor “Burden”

A great piece written by Janice Partyka and published last month by GPS World outlines the broadening horizons of mobile solutions for enterprise, as business users move away from RIM and towards iPhone and Android devices. What consumers are getting for free from apps, businesses are willing to pay for. And this goes for the burgeoning location-based sector as well. The whole article is worth a read, but here’s our favorite part:

[What’s the] next Location Killer App? So what’s next? Development of indoor location will unleash new apps and enhance existing apps that are currently confined to an outdoor experience only. “The most suitable technology for indoors,” asserts Kanwar Chadha of CSR, “is a combination of GNSS with accelerometers, gyros, and Wi-Fi.” People assume that what they can do outdoors, they can seamlessly do indoors, like geotagging a photo. Chadha adds that another challenge is that the indoors is not mapped. This is not a small undertaking, and the burden may rest on facilities providing content providers with mapping. Consumer-saturated locales like shopping areas, stadiums, resorts, hotel, and convention centers will likely be the first.

It’s not easy and it’s no small undertaking, but we couldn’t be happier shouldering the indoor “burden”!


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