Micello was a Launchpad Finalist at GigaOM’s Mobilize

Judges hold up scores after Micello's presentation

Micello CEO/Founder Ankit Agarwal presented before a panel of judges yesterday at GigaOM’s Mobilize event as one of ten companies named as a Launchpad Finalist. Hopefully a video of the presentation (where he crumples up and throws a paper map — good stuff) will surface sometime soon. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Meanwhile, PC World has some coverage of the event and features Micello in an article today, entitled “5 Apps to Watch”. Here’s what they have to say about Micello:

“Micello is a small start-up that is addressing an obvious problem in mapping and location-based services. Those services work for outside locations, but not inside ones. The Micello app (free) contains the maps of the insides of large structures like shopping malls, airports, hospitals and business campuses. Once those indoor locations (like, say, a store inside a shopping mall) are mapped, users’ locations can be identified with a physical place. Then they can “check in” there, and merchants and other advertisers (for better or worse) could potentially target location-relevant ads to them.

And it’s a good time to create such maps. Wireless networks are getting much better at locating a device inside a building. The network can now place the device within 10 meters of its real location, and that location detection is getting more exact all the time.

So far, Micello has mapped 215,545 structures in 2200 locations.”

That’s right. We’ve mapped out over 215,000 stores. That’s a lot.


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