New Map: Moscone South/West available for Oracle Open World 2010 attendees

We decided earlier today that it would be a great idea to create a conference map for what is poised to be one of the biggest conferences in San Francisco this year — Oracle Open World. Now, four hours later, the map is live in the Micello Maps app and is ready to be used. We’ve been pretty happy with our map creation speed and creating the Moscone map was a good way to prove that we can make maps on-demand for high priority cases.

OOW officially started today, although the crowds and big sessions won’t happen until tomorrow (not many people want to go to a conference on a Sunday). OOW is typically a huge conference and we’re happy that we can make all of the attendees’ lives just a little bit less stressful as they make their way to the venue. Also, if you fancy a bite to eat during the conference, and want to save some time, you can check out our map of the nearby Crocker Galleria for restaurant ideas.


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