MobileBeat: Micello wins the Tesla Award

Wow! It’s hard to describe how happy we are after a sensational time at MobileBeat 2010. We are now one of six companies to have won the coveted Tesla Award (winners of the award tend to do quite well, i.e. AdMob).

CEO/Founder Ankit Agarwal receiving the MobileBeat Tesla Award

We were one of twenty companies picked by VentureBeat to take part in the MobileBeat competition. These twenty were split into two categories: infrastructure and services (we were in infrastructure). We were lucky enough to meet some truly inspiring people from the mobile space and had the chance to take part in some great sessions. As with other companies in the competition we were given four minutes on stage at the conference. You can see the slides we presented here.

The San Jose Business Journal has a great writeup of some of our milestones over the last year.

Still, there are many more indoor maps to build… Time to hunker back down and get work done.


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