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New Feature: The Compass

We’ve rolled out a new feature for Micello Maps on iPhone this week: the compass!

Now, when you press the compass icon on the bottom left, the entire map will reorient so that it reflects the direction you’re facing in the real world. It’s a big step towards full-blown indoor navigation and makes the application much easier to use and very powerful.

No more craning your neck or rotating the phone! We’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions.

Micello Maps Compass


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Valentine’s Day

In honor of lovers everywhere celebrating Valentine’s day, we decided to throw in a bit of an Easter egg for our users. Here’s a screenshot:

Use the Micello App to find gifts (flowers, chocolates or jewelry) for your significant other.

VentureBeat has a great article today summarizing our effort so far and bringing up some of the challenges inherent in this space.

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