Micello for iPhone is here!

We’re proud to announce that our first consumer product is now available for free download on Apple’s AppStore. Check out the press release, then go download it!

The Micello App is the very first location-based application to provide geo-coded maps that are dynamic, scalable and information rich. You can find your way around over 250 malls (with many more to come) and the app already supports integrated product search.

From our press release:

“‘We wanted to give users a product they would fall in love with – what we refer to as The Micello Experience. We got a great design team from Inedible Software to build our iPhone application while we focused on our core DNA – mapping technology and innovation. We have built an architecture that would scale not just to thousands of indoor places like shopping malls and airports, but would also allow for navigation all the way inside a department store,’ said Ankit Agarwal, Founder & CEO of Micello. ‘Since announcing our application, we have seen a couple of companies in this space offering shopping mall application using static image files as maps. With Micello, you get a geo-coded map that is seamlessly integrated with outdoor maps,’ he added.

‘We have partners and application developers calling us to provide them our indoor maps for their applications’, said Prakash Narayan, CTO at Micello. “We are developing the Micello platform for our partners to access our maps and other features easily. We are really excited to be a cornerstone in this emerging ecosystem of indoor location based services’, he added.

Make sure to read ReadWriteWeb’s detailed write-up, there’s much more there. And check out this video example of Ankit exploring Ikea. Try it out and let us know what you think!


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