Micello was officially launched at JavaOne at ~ 8:40 am on Tuesday, June 2nd at JavaOne by Chris Melissinos, the host of JavaOne 2009.

After many a late night toiling to bring our idea to (virtual) reality, we were excited to unveil the fruits of our labor at the Sun JavaOne conference. And here it is: the Micello App —  a revolutionary Blackberry and iPhone application that takes you to the final frontier of mobile mapping: inside buildings. Think convention centers, universities and malls and you’ll get a good idea of what we’re working to do. Our database allows users to access, navigate, and explore these types of places on their phone. You can download the app at

And, for the unlucky ones who weren’t at JavaOne, we’ve got you covered. You can watch a video of the launch here; watch our Founder and CEO, Ankit Agarwal, speak about Micello here and here; listen to CTO Prakash Narayan speak with BlogTalkRadio here; and read about the launch here.

A sigh of relief and a whoop of excitement have accompanied what we believe to be the first of many milestones. Stay tuned for more. Great things are on the horizon!


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